Thursday, November 15, 2007


Haven't posted in a while, but I'm still alive. I will be in Perth from Xmas through New Year's. Some gaming related updates:

* I have an XBox 360. I now understand that when it's said that this console is a next-gen console, that's not a reference to its graphics, processing power, or controls, but rather a statement about its online implementation, which is so evolutionary as to bring tears to my eyes. You can incidentally find me on Live under the gamertag "GregT 314".

* Guitar Hero III is probably the best iteration of the franchise so far; unfortunately it's blisteringly difficult even compared to the already quite eye-watering GH2. I play the previous games on Expert without the need for too many tears; I'm going to be quite significantly challenged to finish this one on Hard, though. For those who've taken the time to learn hammer-ons and pull-offs you'll be happy to discover songs that you can play for upwards of thirty seconds without strumming thanks to stupidly extended shredding sections.

* The Wii is currently not much in use. I'm waiting for Super Smash Bros Brawl. Wake me when I can use Solid Snake to exterminate Pikachu. I read a report recently that it's not that there's a shortage of games for the system, it's that the massive glut of games that are being made can't get pressed at the factory quickly enough. It's Nintendo; they wouldn't lie to me about something like that. I wait hopefully for the forthcoming Candy Mountain of games.

* Portal is the greatest game ever. But then you have been exposed to the internet in some way during the last month, so you already know this. If you haven't played Portal yet, shoot your grandmother, and then play Portal. Or just play Portal, whichever. Anyone who gets me a plush Companion Cube for Xmas wins bonus points.

* Much to my surprise, you can find me on Facebook. Along with, apparently, the entire cast and crew of my primary school, who appear to be largely alive and not face down in gutters.

That's all for now. Keep doing those things that you do, in that place. You know what I'm talking about.


Juffles said...


GH3 is indeed rather cool - haven't acquired it myself, but a friend has it on his Wii. Said friend waved a red flag at me in the form of Knights of Cydonia on Hard, which wasn't _too bad, but OMG, WTF were they thinking with Through The Fire And Flames?!?!

...can we try flinging our grandmother instead? Shooting her is SO fps-cliche.

GregT said...

Grandmother-flinging is apparently fully supported in an upcoming downloadable PS3 game called Pain; still not a good enough reason to buy the Little Box That Couldn't.

Knights of Cydonia is awesome. So is Paint It Black (which is unfortunately not playable co-op as it doesn't have a back-up track).

Anonymous said...

I just got my 360 as well, so expect a friend request from PraetorJudis sometime within the next 24 hours or so.

I'll try and track you down on FB as well, but you must be using a different email address than the one I have for you.

Sim said...

GHIII no come out till 23rd November here.
I've pre-ordered, and have a big block of time to throw at it.
I managed to finish Best of the 80s on hard, but still plodding through I & II...
I'm biding my time till then by playing Sims castaway and the Urbz... which aren't as bimbo as I'd thought they'd be.
...but I really really want to ROCK!

GregT said...

Corvus - my FaceBook account is indeed linked to a different email address than the one Blogger knows about. The FaceBook one uses "starfall2317", located at gmail.

Sim - Sims Castaway grabbed my attention, mostly because of the monkey butlers. Might have to give it a try. I have no idea why Australia got GH3 early but I'm not complaining.

Xantar said...

So I guess one could say that even when some people are dying, you're doing science and you're still alive?

Grant said...

When I bought Doom 3 for the original Xbox, I wound up spending more time playing the copy of Doom 1 that came free with the first pressing.

GregT said...

Xantar - there's no sense crying over every mistake. You just keep on trying (till you run out of cake).