Sunday, April 05, 2009

1995 Called: It Wants Settlers of Catan Back

It appears Wired Magazine has only just discovered Settlers of Catan. Stay tuned for their groundbreaking follow-up article, "Computers: The Next Big Thing?"


Zubon said...

We have political leaders who have missed decades- or centuries-old pieces of common knowledge in the soft and hard sciences. People coming a little late to one of the better board games isn't so bad.

I think of it kind of like how tapas restaurants are gaining popularity, or any sort of ethnic dining. "Have you heard of [food]?" "Yes, they have been eating it in [country] for hundreds of years." One of our conversation examples from Japanese class was someone's being amazed at this strange, exotic food called "tacos."

Simon Ferrari said...

Wired is the geek equivalent of Popular Science. Maybe I don't read enough magazines, but I think we're still waiting for our equivalent of Nature. I mean, have you ever tried reading one of their game reviews? Barf.

That said, that's what good blogs are for.

Adrian Smith said...

I always have the same feeling, when something cool and "underground" that I'm into finally becomes pop mainstream. There should be a name for this.

Nick Novitski said...

Last year, Settlers doubled its sales on this side of the Atlantic, moving 200,000 copies in the US and Canada—almost unheard-of performance for a new strategy game with nothing but word-of-mouth marketing.

I am agape at the thought of being this far ahead of the fine people/editorial process at Wired.