Saturday, March 01, 2008

PC Gaming (*sigh*)

Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened: I was absolutely looking forward to playing a game based on the concept of Sherlock Holmes vs Cthulhu. Unfortunately the sound is buggy (choppy and occasionally cutting out altogether) and the interface is annoying so this one's going back on the shelf.

Pirates of the Burning Sea: If the latest pirate-themed MMOG had had a free trial, or even a download-purchase option, I would have ended up playing it and probably subscribing. It didn't, so I haven't. Seriously, who in this day and age launches a MMOG without a try-before-you-buy option?

Sam & Max Season Two: is awesome. Way better than Season One, which was pretty darn good. It's no longer just a good imitation of the old LucasArts classics - it's way better. You should be playing this. And, once again, you don't have to futz around with all that GameTap rubbish to buy - it's a regular normal-style online store.

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