Wednesday, March 12, 2008

WoW Horde Banner

I never realised before that the Horde banner from World of Warcraft is a kind of Union Jack.

That's an Orc shield in the middle (the red) bearing the traditional Horde crest, with three purple Troll paragons above it, all fixed onto a Tauren standard. Not sure exactly where the Undead are represented there, but they're only barely in the Horde anyway.


Phrancq said...

It's weird you've posted this now. I was just watching a video on Youtube about the same thing. They go into other logos too. It's pretty interesting.

Greg Tannahill said...

Ah, the melodious crooning of Rick Astley. What happened to this latter-day master bard, and why does the world seem dimmer with his passing?

Anonymous said...

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Phrancq said...


No, wait, you must be someone new. Look here, sonny. I shall rickroll my friend if I feel so inclined. You may not persuade me to do otherwise. I do commend you on your complete lack of grammar and punctuation. Perhaps the rules of language are sightly more lenient in anonymity-land, where people too timid to reveal themselves like yourself are able run free in fields made of chocolate flowers and bunnies deliver free candy- covered puppies to all the children.

I must live in the real world though. It is a harsh place where a joke is a joke and not intended to cause offense.

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WoW Gold Guide said...

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Anonymous said...

The Forsaken (most Undead are not allied with the Horde) are represented by the shackles across the bones of the Taurens' crest... representing the mental strangle hold of the Litch King which Sylvanus helped those of us with sufficient willpower to free ourselves and regain our individuality.

Only the Orcs who remember the Blood Taint have had to prove their strength of will in such a way, and our living brethren will never accept us as the men and women we where before we died, as humans do not respect their ancestors the way the Tauren do. They know that being dead does not strip one of ones wisdom, respect or power. Only allowing yourself to become a slave can do that.

It is most fitting that we are allied with the Horde. My characters are always fully committed to the Horde. "Victory for Sylvanus... but NOT at the cost of our Allies."

What is NOT fitting, is that the Horde should accept the former High Elves into their ranks... corrupted or otherwise, they are still, if not more now they have lost their blessed sunwell, pompous, sanctimonious asses with the arrogance that typifies the living human races of Azeroth.

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Jared B. said...

The forsaken and the other members of the horde (blood elf,goblin) aren't really part of the original horde much if you play the games quests you'll understand, but the forsaken are slightly represented by the bones sticking out of the top with the chains linking them. Just decided to add this since I am a nub. :D