Monday, May 05, 2008

The Dust Forms Ditmars?

Surprising, totally underwhelming and terribly out of date news!

Waaaay back in early 2007, someone on Talking Squid mentioned The Dust Forms Words in conjunction with a possible 2007 Ditmar for Best Fan Writer. No idea whose idea that was, but the list of suspects is short, and, of itself, surprising.

I quite obviously didn't win, because, (a) I wasn't nominated, and (b) the eventual nominees were really rather excellent (with the prize being taken away by Mr Danny Oz, who is a far, far better man - and writer - than myself).

I'm only blogging this now because:
* I had no idea Talking Squid existed;
* I had no idea someone had discussed this site in connection with the award;
* I had no idea this site was even eligible for the award; and
* I thought I should say thanks to whoever suggested that it might possibly even be an option.

So - thanks, mystery Dustfan(s)!

Now, is anyone interested in campaigning for a Dust Forms Words Ditmar in 2009?

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