Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hanabi Festival Returns To Wii Virtual Console

Just thought I'd remind Wii owners out there in Europe and Australia that it's the Hanabi Festival again, which means if you head on over to the Wii shop you'll find another set of never-before-seen-in-the-West games available.

There's three imports up this week. Puyo Puyo 2 (aka Puyo Puyo Tsu) is, of course, the sequel to Puyo Puyo, better known in the West as Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine. It's a game that involves arranging coloured beans, which fall in pairs from the top of the screen, to create chains of four or more identical beans, which then clear from the play field. Puyo Puyo 2 is mostly identical to the original, but if you're a fan then you'll likely still be entertained by it. Minor changes include the treatment of ojama (garbage) and the ability to double-rotate a piece trapped between two columns.

The second game is Break In, a snooker simulator for the Turbografx. As always with this kind of thing it's pretty much for snooker enthusiasts only, and even then I'm led to believe it's fairly middle-of-the-road.

Last up is the most interesting of the three, Cho Aniki ("Super Big Brothers"), which is, if you can believe it, a bodybuilding-themed side-scrolling homoerotic shooter. It's what's known in Japan as a baka-ge (idiot game), being more interested in being weird than it is in being good, but aside from its unconventional visual style it's actually a half-decent game.

Last time around not all the Hanabi Festival games stayed available after the Festival, so if you're tempted by any of these you'd best pick them up fast.

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