Monday, August 25, 2008

Updates! Oh Such Updates!

Okay, so I've moved house. I'm in Hackett now. The new house is awesome as it has carpet, which is a definite evolutionary step up from walking on naked dead trees. Plus it's not across the road from a bar, which means that there's no particular reason why I can't get to sleep before midnight on a Sunday night. It also has bay windows and a dedicated library, and costs about $100 a week less than where I was living. Definite win. So that's why the blogging has been short and infrequent.

Those who like to see what I have to say about games will note that I've been featured in the following places:

PALGN's podcast 40 features an interview with me, which is great and needs listening to regardless of how little I like hearing my voice recorded.

BigPond GameArena also has an article by me entitled A Gaming Australia. Give it a read.

Also the SimCity 4 challenge has been and gone, which was a huge success and thanks to everyone involved.

There's also an interview with me coming in an upcoming issue of Hyper Magazine.

The campaign rolls on; Canberrans can hear me on the Mike Jeffreys show at 7.10 am this coming Thursday morning.
UPDATE: Change of plans; this Thursday you'll be able to hear party president Darren Churchill. I'll be featured on a later date.

Gaming-wise things have been interrupted by the house move but I owe you reviews of Braid, Phoenix Wright 3 and SoulCalibur IV. Can I save you some waiting by saying SWEET JEEBERS YOU MUST PLAY BRAID.

That is all.

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