Saturday, August 09, 2008

Sim City 4 Challenge

There haven't been many posts to The Dust Forms Words over the last few days - my apologies. That's been largely as a result of all the campaigning that's going on.

On that topic, I'd like to invite you all to All Bar Nun at the O'Connor shops this Wednesday 13 August at 7pm, where I'm taking part in The RiotAct's Sim City 4 Challenge. I'll be facing off against EA's city management sim over the course of a few hours to promote the ACT Democrats campaign and show that the electoral process can sometimes be a lot of fun.

Everyone's welcome, and I understand all the nail-biting action will be visible on All Bar's big screens. You should definitely come and have a beer while watching me tackle situations ripped from today's papers, such as the ever-present threat of giant monster invasion. I'm pretty sure the major parties are shaky on giant monster policy; that's a weakness I aim to exploit.

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