Thursday, July 17, 2008

Greg Tannahill For Canberra

It's been a poorly-kept secret in other forums that I've had something big cooking over recent weeks. Those with eyes and with ears have probably already deduced the relevant facts for themselves.

The time of speculation is at an end. I am incredibly proud to announce that I have received pre-selection as the ACT Democrats candidate for the electorate of Molonglo at the upcoming Australian Capital Territory election this October. I'm campaigning for the ACT Legislative Assembly, with the aim of restoring accountability and democracy to Territory politics and helping to create the better Canberra that its citizens deserve.

Those who regularly visit this site will know that I'm a vocal campaigner when it comes to the politics of video gaming. I've said often that Australia needs action at both Territory and Federal levels to implement an R18+ classification for videogames. I've spoken many times against the poorly-informed and reactive way in which politicians approach the growing gaming community. And I've made it clear that the ACT Government needs to seize opportunities to make Canberra a national leader in an industry that turns over more money than Hollywood.

But beyond all those issues, Canberra is a city I'm very honored to live in, and running for office is my way of standing up for those things I love about my home. Canberra was designed from the ground up to be the City of Tomorrow, but under a long string of lackluster governments it seems that Tomorrow has never really come.

I have to ask: Where is the efficient, affordable housing that we imagined? Where are the state of the art public schools that we were promised? Where is the world-class public transport system that we deserve? From my perspective our politicians have stopped building the future and just settled for the mediocre present.

I would hope that readers here would support me in my campaign. If you live in the Molonglo electorate of the ACT, vote for me in the ungrouped column on October 18, and tell those you know to do likewise. If you're not able to vote for me, then you can still help through word of mouth. Blog about me, link to posts, and join my Facebook group. The key is to let everyone know that this October they don't have to keep digging the same hole, that they don't have to keep accepting more of the same. Let them know they don't have to select from two equally bad columns. To those with eyes and with ears, be vocal. Let them know that there is an alternative.

- Greg Tannahill
O'Connor, ACT


Anonymous said...

Can I repost to my LJ?

Chris said...

Good luck! You're thousands of miles away from me, but it's still nice to see people taking such a direct interest in politics. ;)

Greg Tannahill said...

Sim - please do!

Chris - thanks. There's still time to move to Canberra and enrol in my electorate, you know.

Anonymous said...


I'm also passing on the link to that post to a few interesting people and advocacy orgs too, to see if they are interested.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. I hope you haven't written anything too compromising on this blog, then. ;)

Cheers, and please try to get Fallout 3 released.

Anonymous said...

I just found this site after Greg got a mention on Slashdot.

The only person I know in Canberra is my sister. I sent her an email saying "vote for this guy", but it turns out she's in the wrong electorate.
(And as much as I'd like to see an R rating for games, I'm not leaving Tassie.)

Chris said...
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Chris said...

I too just saw Gregg on Slashdot - nice one!

Here's the link for anyone who's interested:

Slashdot post

And where it links to:

Game Politics post