Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Great Gaming Music #20: Hell March

As this series of Great Gaming Music posts nears its end, people have not been shy in offering opinions about what classic tunes I've missed out. I was initially prepared to ignore them all and treat you to the main theme from the original Wing Commander but sadly YouTube hasn't been able to come up with the goods.

Therefore I'm instead caving to popular pressure and directing your ears to Frank Klepacki's scores to the Command & Conquer games. Featured here is my personal favourite, "Hell March", which is the opening theme to Command & Conquer: Red Alert. It's a game based on the premise of Hitler being assassinated by a time-travelling Albert Einstein, and Hell March manages to convey the simultaneous ridiculousness and awesomeness of that concept.

Vegas-based Klepacki has produced the score for a number of games by Westwood, its contemporaries and successors, including The Legend of Kyrandia, Dune 2, Blade Runner and Universe at War.

By the way, those under the misconception that "Mechanical Man" is the superior piece of C&C music can find it here, but while they listen to it I'll be quietly scorning them.


Arkem said...

That's an awesome track. I think my next favourite is Command and Conquer Track 16 "Just Do It Up" - http://youtube.com/watch?v=H4uuVou6rG4

"Increase fear and suspicion"

Greg Tannahill said...

Yeah, that's pretty good. Actually the entire C&C soundtrack just makes me wish I'd done a post on ToeJam & Earl. It's got the same kind of campy early 90s funk thing going on.

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