Saturday, July 12, 2008

Great Gaming Music #10: Still Alive

Jonathan Coulton's catchy end theme to Portal became an overnight pop culture phenomenon following the game's release last year. The song was so good that, as one YouTube commentor put it, "it makes love to you in your sleep".

Not only was the song excellent, but Portal's short length and forgiving difficulty meant that almost everyone who acquired the title ended up seeing its appearance over the end credits. It achieved the three goals of being good music, being a satisfactory conclusion to the game, and managing to stay in character (it's sung by Ellen McLain, the voice of the game's primary antagonist, GLaDOS).

It's hard not to speculate whether the game would have been quite as crazily successful were it not for this particular piece of soundtrack. Coulton, a self-described geek-rock troubador, is also famous for tracks such as "Code Monkeys" and "Re: Your Brains".

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