Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mechner To Make New Karateka

Joystiq is reporting from the San Diego Comic-Con that Prince of Persia creator Jordan Mechner is looking to revisit his first ever game, 1984's Karateka.

I loved that game to death, so I'm absolutely thrilled. Modern audiences might not get so much out of the original, though, as it's brutally short. If memory serves (which it often doesn't) you can complete the thing in the time it takes to cook dinner.

The new Karateka project is likely to be reimagined for modern audiences, though. In relation to reviving the brand, Mechner says, "I can safely say it's not going to be in the way you expect."

The original Karateka was what might loosely be termed a brawler, and saw you travelling deep into the heart of a forbidding oriental fortress to rescue a captured princess. Along the way you had to bust loose your martial arts skills in order to overcome an evil warlord and his black-belted goons.

The jump between the original Prince of Persia and Ubisoft's Sands of Time trilogy was nothing short of stunning so I look forward to seeing similar magic worked here.

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