Sunday, March 25, 2007

God Hates Bloggers

Yesterday my laptop died. It unfortunately suffered one more consecutive power surge in a short period than its surge protection could handle, and somewhere inside it some sort of vital memory component died. Now it boots up but can't actually run any applications, much like a digital Forest Gump.

So (a) I have to get a new laptop, (b) I get to find out whether I'm covered by insurance, (c) I have to rescue the old hard drive, and most importantly, (d) blogging will be back to intermittent until I get regular computer coverage again. This also means my personal email is offline so ifyou need me you'll have to beg, borrow or steal my phone number...

... which, by the way, might die soon because my contract with Telstra is about to expire and I haven't yet lined up a new network. Sigh.

1 comment:

Julia B said...

Ha Ha!

On the flipside, my blog is now up and running again. Crazy adventures in foreign parts, yo.