Friday, March 23, 2007

Season 2

Now that you've all concluded the jiggity dance, it occurs to me to mention that I guess The Dust Forms Words is now ready to begin Season 2, in which:

* Square-Enix gets a new girlfriend, who comes with dual screens and a sexy stylus (And that's not even counting the awesome of Actraiser on the Wii).
* Koei once again lets us slay thousands of generic enemies from the comfort of our living room - this time in Europe!
* Sheridan goes to Za'ha'dum

And suchlike. I'm pretty sure that I'm not giving anything away to say that Martin Sheen is probably going to run for a second term, we'll find out what's down the hatch, the exploding man will be stopped, Sisko will kick some Cardassian ass, Buffy will come back to life, and we'll find out who really killed Laura Palmer.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go and mock the Playstation 3's extremely lackluster UK and Australia launch sales. Would you believe that some reports had combined Australia and New Zealand pre-orders as low as 10,000 units?

You can read more of the mocking here, but the link goes to The Age and I should warn you that (a) they're not exactly the peak of journalism and (b) their site has popups. I'll give them kudos for their title, though: "Crowds Go Mild At PS3 Launch".

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