Friday, March 23, 2007

The Wii Drought

Where have all the Wii releases gone? I've been pretty much buying every game for the system that looks remotely decent, and I'm still feeling shortchanged. This week I got Excite Truck, which, y'know, was a US launch title.

Elebits has been sitting on that "Coming Soon" shelf at EB for ages, taunting me with its promise of katamari-with-guns style gameplay. Mock up covers for Mario Galaxy have started turning up, too, but last I heard the plumber's latest outing was still in development so it would take some magical powers of omniscience to know when we'll actually see it in Australia.

Plus since my wi-fi widget started fritzing out, my access to the virtual console shop has been sporadic, so there's not even a lot of joy on that front.


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