Friday, June 20, 2008

Nothing To Blog

Short on blogging topics. Pretend there's a long paragraph here about how a well-regarded game mechanic needs to be fundamentally reimagined.

In other news, Gears of War is perfectly enjoyable without being special. Also in that category is Super Paper Mario, which is probably going to prompt a post about how games that are boring are functionally identical to non-boring games which encourage you to play in a boring way.


Anonymous said...

No Way!

Spore's Creature Creator release is imminent!
...and people are doing very bad things with it!

PMOG is the hottest new firefox plugin!
The internet is a game - Play it!

Ebay is pretending to defy the ACCC ruling about it's anti-competative new policy of limiting payments to paypal only, thus gleaning TWO sets of commission from every auction it holds in australia...

GH4 (now known as Guitar Hero: World Tour) will have drums and mic AND is most likely to be available in Australia BEFORE Rock Band. AND has WAAAAY better songs...

Is that enough stuff?

I found the hidden Cantina in the new Indy Lego game!

Greg Tannahill said...

Wow. It's like you should have a blog or something.

I'm on top of the GH4 thing, and I'm not sure if I can really get worked up about Ebay today. But Spore wang-monsters are teh awesome; clearly they will soon be our new alien overlords.