Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Flogging A Dead Horse

Sony's unabashed commitment to obsolete and sub-par technology continues. Gamasutra is reporting that Sony Japan are about to launch a new "cinnabar red" PS2, a "metallic blue" PSP, and an EyeToy peripheral for the PS3.

New skins for the PS2 isn't the greatest commitment to the ongoing success of the PS3. And admittedly the PSP is outselling the PS3 by a massive margin, but that thing needs a redesign a lot more than it needs a new SKU.

As for the EyeToy, unless they've improved on the PS2 version a lot, then I really can't see why anyone would possibly want one of these suckers.


David Cake said...

Simple as it was, the EyeToy was magic for toddlers, who would play its simple games for hours. I suspect that market is enough to justify bringing it back even if no adult gamer ever touches the thing.

Greg Tannahill said...

That's an excellent point; I've never been privileged to see the vertically-challenged interacting with the thing so there may be something there.