Thursday, June 19, 2008

Rock Band DLC

I'm a little confused. Rock Band is still not out in Australia, and there's no way to play copies of Rock Band on unmodded Aussie 360s, even if you import.

And yet, XBox Live Australia is advertising Rock Band downloadable songs on the Marketplace blade, specifically Maximo Park and the MTV2 Pack. Clicking the ad results in a "content not available" message.

Sounds like somebody's advertising dollars are not being well spent.


Nismo said...

A few advertisements for content we can't access has been popping up on our marketplace recently. There was also an ad on our marketplace briefly for Aegis Wing back when it released on the American marketplace.

While it might just be a mistake or three at the moment, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if our marketplace just becomes the US one but perhaps without the video content. Especially with these rumours about a complete revamp to the marketplace, the dashboard and Live as well as the inclusion of things like the rumoured 3D avatars (similar to Miis).

As for Rock Band not working here in Australia, are you sure? A few of my friends have gotten the game now and as far as I know, they don't have modded consoles. Is it out in Europe yet? If yes, then they probably imported from there and therefore being a PAL region the game would work on our consoles. If not, then I'm officially confused.

Greg Tannahill said...

Rock Band is supposed to be region locked; even EU versions I'm told don't work on an Aussie 360. There's also issues in terms of, obviously, Rock Band DLC not being available in Australia.

Get the skinny, let me know, because I'd totally import if I could then run the game.

Anonymous said...

It works, playing it on 360 right now.
Imported from UK for 80 bucks

Alexander said...

I Have mine running just fine on my ps3.
I bought the whole lot from gametraders for $299 AUD.

Going into the rock band store, it says all the songs have already been purchased. Pressing the 'download again' option shows me an option saying something along the lines of "To download, you must access it through your playstation account".