Saturday, September 13, 2008

GH Aerosmith Demo: Better Than The Real Thing

Guitar Hero Aerosmith sounds like a bargain. For the same price as a real Guitar Hero game you can get less songs, by less bands, with less unlockables and less replayability. How can anyone pass that up?

It's possible, however, that some die-hard GH fans (like myself) might have been a bit uneasy about missing out on some genuinely classic Aerosmith tracks. Luckily, the GH Aerosmith demo on XBox Live fixes all that. More or less the best five songs in GH:A, cheap as free, and available as a single download. It's better value than the full game, and heck, it's better value than any of the commercial DLC currently available for Guitar Hero 3.

The demo includes "Walk This Way", "Sweet Emotion" and "Dream On". There's also a couple of other tracks in there just to remind you that there is, in fact, non-Aerosmith content in the game. ("Dream On", it should be mentioned, is already available as a DLC track for Guitar Hero 3.)

"Zero" is an unarguably good price to pay for three Aerosmith tracks plus some stuffing, and my urge to pony up money for the full game is now completely erased. I'm not entirely sure that's how demos are supposed to work but I'm very much not complaining. Good work, Neversoft.


skitzo12 said...

to be fair, when guitar hero got to the stage were there going into specific bands, let alone one with as limited guitar interests as aerosmith, things are getting desperate.
i mean metallica or guns and roses yeah, maybe, but aerosmith, no...
not as standlones

Greg Tannahill said...

It should have been a DLC pack.

Although I have to say that the rumours of Rock Band: AC/DC have me interested.

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It was a great release at the moment, but saying that it is better that real life is a little pretentious dont you think??