Monday, September 22, 2008

Red Alert 3 Talent Remix

I'll be honest - ever since I first played Starcraft I just haven't been able to enjoy a Command & Conquer game, despite an abortive flirtation with Tiberian Sun.

But if someone had told me that Red Alert 3 would have giant samurai robots I probably would have been more excited. It's all in the context of the excellent "Hell March" remix above, which should be seen and enjoyed. Still not sold on Jenny McCarthy as Tanya, though.

Also, the code to embed a GameTrailers video on my blog is as long as a freaking novel. What's up with that?


Arkem said...

That was very awesome.

The only way that could be more awesome is if I was 14 years old.

Greg Tannahill said...

Yes. I need to travel back in time to when cheesy live action video could make me blind to crippling gameplay faults, poorly designed missions, and teeny-weeny units that I can barely see.