Monday, September 29, 2008

Ian Dallas on The Unfinished Swan

I blogged a couple of days ago about Indiecade finalist The Unfinished Swan, and mentioned that I'd love to see a playable version of the game. To that end I emailed its creator, Ian Dallas, for more information.

Says Ian:

The game at this point doesn't really exist. What's been shown is basically a tech demo for how those mechanics might work in a game. The tech demo is not being released.

We're hoping to have a bare bones version of the game by the middle of November and a more polished version ready for the Game Developer's Conference in March.

The music in the tech demo comes from songs Moby released for use in non-commercial projects and isn't likely to reflect what will be in the final version.

The feeling of the tech demo is kinda cold and desolate, because that's initially the direction we thought the game was going to go. Now it's become more of an interactive children's book. Aesthetically we're shooting for a mix of Dark Crystal and Japanese ghost story. I have no idea what that means musically, but it'll be interesting to find out.
Sounds great. I'm looking forward to seeing more of this as it develops.


SPLastic said...

Sounds good. I know everyone was saying that the footage gave an impression of a scary game, but I didn't find it scary at all.

The idea of a storybook-type game is cool. Like Portal. But with paint. Somehow.

Greg Tannahill said...

I'm a survival horror fan so I think I'd still prefer the creepy version.

Also, you should totally go to some game companies and pitch "a storybook-type game, like Portal, but with paint." And videotape the response. If you get any questions, tell them it'll be like Katamari Damacy as a first-person-shooter, and then just say you heard that Blizzard is working on something similar.

Julia B said...

He should get Yun Yu to do the music.