Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Phantasy Star Music

By the way, if anyone wants to do me an electronic Xmas present, you know what would be awesome? Instrumental renditions of the score to the original Phantasy Star. Which is, of course, hands-down the greatest 8-bit JRPG ever made.

By way of reference I offer links to MIDI files of the two stand-out tracks: the Cave theme, and the Motavia overworld theme. Also, while we're on the topic, the Phantasy Star 3 Main Theme, which I have fonder memories of than possibly any other piece of gaming music.

For some reason Phantasy Star 2, 3 and 4 are all out on the Wii Virtual Console but they've yet to release the original. What's up with that? I've still got my copy in its original packaging but that's not much use without a Master System to play it on.

EDIT: Those links above go to which has some sort of a "don't link to our files" policy, so when you get there you'll be dumped on a message page that you need to click on from to get to the musicz. Setting it up so you don't have to do that would take time and I'm sure you're all capable of navigating a splash page. If anyone wants to download the MIDIs and host them, I'll change the links.


Eric said...

I just found these today. Have you seen

Phantasy Star OST on youtube

Collection I track list
Collection II track list

and if your not against it piratebay has a torrent with mp3s of those CDs here but for some reason that torrent has them incorrectly listed as being from the Saturn, when they are infact from the CDs above

Greg Tannahill said...

Thank you!