Saturday, December 06, 2008

TV Failure

I am making a very sad face, because my TV has gone and died on me.

It's an LG 26LC2R, and the problem is that upon power-on it takes about five times as long as usual to power up the screen, during power on the power light flashes constantly (it normally flashes three times before the screen illuminates) and then once the screen is illuminated it displays no picture (not even the "no signal" message). I can't access the system menu either. I have checked all connections, tried removing all external inputs, and tried removing power from the remote control. No joy.

If anyone either (a) has a solution, (b) wants to come round and fix it, or (c) wants to buy me a new TV, let me know. In the mean time I no can haz XBox, Wii or PS2.

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