Saturday, March 07, 2009

The Sound of Awesome

It's Jungle King, dummy. Not Tarzan.  Quiet, or you'll get us sued.Do you want to know what nostalgia sounds like? It sounds like a video arcade in 1982.

Actually I never visited a video arcade in 1982, what with being only two years old, but it's pretty much the same experience as a video arcade in 1988, which, coincidentally, also sounds like nostalgia.

I say this because someone excellent at took it upon himself to record himself playing games at various arcades between 1982 and 1988, on audio cassette (itself almost prehistoric), and then, more than two decades later, convert those cassettes into MP3s that you can listen to through your web browser.

This is even more awesome than it appears. You may have forgotten that arcade games were loud, and you can hear every sound effect coming out of the machine clearly, including the surprisingly catchy theme to Jungle King. If I had these on a CD I would play it as the background music to my house.

Go check it out! (And thanks to Dinosaur Comics for the heads-up.)


Sim said...

You actually posted this before Wil Wheaton!

Greg Tannahill said...

I'm pretty sure that, deep inside, Wil Wheaton wants to be me. It stands to reason, right?

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