Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Vote In IGF Audience Choice Award

Voting has opened for the Independent Games Festival Audience Choice Awards. If you followed my series of posts on the IGF finalists, and played some or all of the games mentioned, it's time to go cast your votes.

Only those games with a playable public demo are eligible; that does, however, include games that are only playable on Live Arcade or PSN, so very few voters are realistically going to be able to try out all the finalists.

The Audience Choice finalists are:

*Cortex Command
*You Have To Burn The Rope
*The Graveyard
*PixelJunk Eden
*Carneyvale Showtime
*The Maw
*Musaic Box

Notes: (a) please don't vote for You Have To Burn The Rope just because it's the easiest one to find and play - only vote for it if you actually think it's the best! (b) please don't vote for Musaic Box, at all.

Go cast your vote!

1 comment:

Phrancq said...

I loved YHTBTR, but I couldn't ever vote for it. It really wasn't a game. More of a slightly interactive flash cartoon.

I will try the others out, though.