Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Blue Charlie

I recently ran a very successful systemless tabletop RPG called Blue Charlie. It's for one GM and two players, it runs for between 2 and 4 hours, it's set in a future/outer space environment of political suspense and horror, and I can pretty much guarantee you've never played anything much like it. It's been past three groups now with everyone rating it between "very good" and "exceptional". I'm wondering whether there's any interest out there in me writing up the scenario as some sort of text file so it can be recreated elsewhere? I'm mostly moved on to the next thing I want to run now so if I'm going to set anything down about Blue Charlie I'd better do it before I forget the key points.


David Cake said...

I would VERY much like to see writeups (sufficient for someone else to run them would be nice, some descriptions of play would be even better) of any of your systemless RPG scenarios.

Josh said...

Ditto - I mean we run a game night about every other week and sometimes the makeup is geeky enough to try something like this.

GregT said...

Alright, I'll give this a go when I have some spare time over the next few days.