Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Playing Update

As astute Dustbunnies may have guessed, I'm currently working my way through Okami. It was giving me the feeling of a calligraphy-based Legend of Zelda, but with only overworld and no dungeons, which I thought was a vast improvement, until last night I encountered the first dungeon. Shame that. It's still an excellent game, though.

On the PC I'm delving into Command & Conquer 3, which has indeed managed to recapture everything that was good about the original C&C while placing the game firmly among modern RTS conventions. It doesn't seem to do much to advance the genre, though.

The cartridge in my DS is Custom Robo Arena, but I'm not playing it much. Every time I fire it up I just end up wishing I was playing Pokemon instead. Maybe it will grow on me when I get further in.

Also I'm slogging my way in spurts through ActRaiser on the Wii Virtual Console, playing a fair bit of multiplayer Mario Kart 64, and working on and off at the original Guitar Hero. I'm still stuck at Cowboys From Hell on Expert.


Juffles said...

"It doesn't seem to do much to advance the genre, though."

Being a bit generous there aren't you? :) The SP campaign is less imaginative than...well...C&C1 & 2... Once you get bored of watching Jennifer Morrison and Grace Park try to be military in skin-tight blouses it's all a bit boring. Even the promise of Tricia Helfer being a NOD commander wasn't enough to keep me playing through the GDI campaign. :)

The MP AI gameplay is pretty average as well - build enough turrets to kill the first rush - which inherently means that you have enough turrets to resist every rush - build 20-50 of your favourite unit, annihilate the AI's base. Me and a friend had high hopes for it, but after 5 hours we wandered off to play Flatout for a bit of excitement.

GregT said...

I think it's fair to say that if you liked the original Command & Conquer, then C&C3 serves up big extra helpings of all those things you liked, such as the bad acting, plot that takes itself overly seriously, plucky little infantry units, and suchlike.

But if you're looking for something to revolutionise your RTS world then C&C3 doesn't have the droids you're looking for.

Also I'm pretty sure the correct response to the GDI cinematics probably wasn't to exclaim, "Sweet Jeebers, I'd never realised how flat chested Cameron and Boomer were!" Those uniforms were not in any way flattering.