Sunday, May 20, 2007

StarCraft II

Just thought I'd be the five millionth fanboy on the web to draw your attention to StarCraft II.


lel said...

I had heard rumblings about Starcraft II... so that was the big announcement that Blizzard thought they should have an announcement about? Cool

I have to say that the graphics in the Cinematic trailer are to die for.

GregT said...

Yeah, but what's this rubbish about marines being welded into their armour? And where's Kerrigan? Where's Raynor? Where's Zeratul?

Minor gripes aside, all the screenshots give the impression that they're doing this right. None of these Warcraft III completely-changing-the-franchise shennanigans. It looks like Starcraft, it sounds like Starcraft, and those screenshots have more Zerg than you can poke a Zealot at. I likes it.

Phrancq said...

Kerrigan is in the trailer.

GregT said...

What the... where? Don't make me watch the trailer again; just indulge my lazy side and describe it in free-flowing iambic pentameter.

Phrancq said...

She's only in it for a split second. Watch it again, I say.

No iambic pentameter for you.