Friday, May 04, 2007


Unless you're one of those too-smart-for-your-own-good bloggers who nobody likes, you've probably been wondering what the coloured icons attached to some of my last posts were. The answer is this:

I have in the past been a contributor to the Round Table of Bloggers, run by Corvus over at Man Bytes Blog. This month, Corvus challenged contributors to choose three of a set of nine Rorschach-like images and write a short passage of prose or verse about what they evoke in the writer. Like any good blogger, I've taken that idea and completely ignored what Corvus intended. Instead I've written no less than three articles on game design inspired in a very loose sense by Corvus' odd little pictures. They are:


Hybrid Gameplay

The Player In The Box

Now, having taken the intent of the topic and done a merry tap dance upon its grave, I'm not at this stage sure whether my entry is going to be accepted, but really I wanted to write those articles more than I wanted to be on topic this month, so we can all wait and see with suspended breath what occurs. In the mean time, if you want to check out what else is going down in the Round Table, you can draw strength from the drop down menu included immediately below.


Corvus said...

I'm going to include your entries, but it won't count to the minimum number of posts I need to successfully launch part two.

Sadly, your... interpretation, of the topic doesn't lend itself to the point of the topic.

Perhaps I shouldn't have been so oblique about my goals.

GregT said...

Huzzah! Partial success! Thanks Corvus!