Friday, June 22, 2007

Addressing Your Questions

Some people visit The Dust Forms Words from Google. And when they do, I get to see their search terms. It worries me that not all of these people have their questions answered by my site, so I'm going to take a quick moment to even the balance by solving your search-text problems.

reason for atlantica level in kh2
Square-Enix likes to cause you pain. No really, that's the reason. They found that hideous actress who they used for Ariel, listened to her screech out a few tracks, and just couldn't resist the temptation to use her on someone, like a small child with a powerful handgun.

ghostbuster commodore 64 walkthrough
Sweet Jeebers, man, how can you need a walkthrough to finish that game? You can fly through that thing like a 747 through a World Trade Center. But if you absolutely can't stand to take the time to have fun with possibly the greatest C64 game ever, then you're likely to be well served by GameFAQs.

ccg warcraft
Yeah, it's rubbish.

real live girls to marry dragon to kill and treasure to win, and dungeons to explore. free rpg games
That sounds like some game you're after there, Slim. Grinding and prostitution at a low low price is what I call a World of Warcraft killer. If they serve whiskey then it's the closest thing we're going to get to a MMOGing heaven. Let me know how that works out for you. Alternatively, you might just be looking for a copy of Seth Able's contemporary masterpiece Legend of the Red Dragon, in which case let's all take a minute to mourn the death of the BBS door game and its ilk. Violet, we miss ye.

how did king krichevskoy die
He didn't; at the end of the game in the Good Ending it's strongly hinted that he is alive, and is in fact Vyers. (Spoilers - oops, too late.) I know that doesn't make a lick of sense but in the context of the rest of Disgaea's plot it's the most lucid thing ever written. If you're not a fan of that theory, then the game initially tells you he died eating a black pretzel, but Etna's diary later reveals that his "death" occurred while sealing away Baal. Puzzle solved.

four feet more pereyda
Yeah, her blog used to be here; now it's gone. Once again the magic of the Wayback Machine saves the day. You too can experience just how dreary her writing style really was.

canisters lego star wars 2 through jungle land wastes
Jundland, dude, it's Jundland. Get it right. And I'm once again going to direct you to GameFAQs. How can anyone not yet have discovered the magic of that site?

why eledees
Why not? Although seriously it's almost certainly because "Elebits" was a registered trademark or copyrighted in Latveria or some obscure European third-world backwater and they decided to just stick the whole greater Eurostralian region with the dud name rather than manufacture two PAL boxes. Thanks, Konami.

Hope those pearls of wisdom enliven your life. Keep hitting my site with nonsense search terms, and I'll keep boring you to tears with what I laughingly refer to as my "wit".


Sim said...

gameFAQ is good...
But I like alot more.

GregT said...

UHS is fine for adventure games and games where progress is blocked by a puzzle of somesuch, but what about if you're raising a Pokemon and want to know how to max out its stat gain per level? GameFAQs is totally your place.