Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Little Birdy Live At The Venue

I just saw Little Birdy tonight live at The Venue, Erindale. Absolutely fantastic. They opened with After Dark (video below) which was totally made to be performed live (vastly better than the clip), and followed through with most every song from the Hollywood album plus some of their earlier stuff.

Support act Utility were incredible and worth the price of admission all by themselves (especially the drummer). They have a rather dodgy Myspace page, for those interested, which features all the things you despise Myspace for, including auto-loading music. Praise them for their art and forgive them for their near-terminal netiquette-illiteracy.

There was another support act, Gilf, whose pub-rock stylings didn't greatly enthuse me, but my escort for the night was impressed enough to buy an album. Go figure.


Phrancq said...

In an effort towards politeness, I will keep my comments about the God-awful Little Birdy to myself.

GregT said...

Yes. Keep your Gwen Stefani-loving tongue to yourself.

Phrancq said...

Gwen Stefani?

Oh, it's on now, you filth-monger. This will not go unpunished.