Sunday, June 10, 2007

At Convergence

So I'm at Convergence 2007, and I guess it's a pretty good convention. I mean, I haven't really been to any of the panels, or any of the scheduled programming, but my hotel room is nice. If by nice I mean "carpeted". Because it has carpet.

It's not the fault of the panels. Really, it's me. If I was publishing a book, or, um, publishing a book, then every last panel would be hitting right on target, and it would be like I was in some kind of book-publishing heaven where sweet nectar flows from every faucet. The wish to engage with science fiction on a level beyond "how to write it" is clearly a defect in my personality that can only be cured through the judicious application of electricity.

Non-concession entry at the gate was $260, which it is pleasing to know has funded free alcohol at each of several book launches. There's no gaming stream or media stream or masquerade, but I do have the distinct pleasure of standing around at these launches and picturing how much fun I would be having if I enjoyed champagne. In my mind I'm drinking champagne while surrounded by fine ladies and dancing a saucy jig. Yes sir, it sure is a noteworthy jig.

It turns out that bringing my DS was a good plan. (That's the only system I brought; as always, VG Cats turns out to be topical in this regard.) Getting to the Hard Rock difficulty in Elite Beat Agents unlocks not only the Elite Beat Divas but also this character who has the head of a cat, which I've been deploying in multiplayer to pwn fellow Elite Beaters right in the face. Good times.

Tonight I'm off to the Crown Casino in company. I'm making tentative enquiries as to exactly how much money one has to spend at the roulette table to unlock bonus content or at least some kind of Pokemon but as yet replies are slow in forthcoming.

Regular gaming related bloggings will resume once I'm off this merry-go-round of gambling and sub-par convention programming. Keep your RSS readers tuned for further details.


Arkem said...

Jig! Jig for us Greg!1

Juffles said...

Apparently if you spend 100k GP or more the casino unlocks the Boss fight in the secret Gold Room, where you can do the same actions again but lose money 5 times as fast.

It's like grinding, but with cigars.

GregT said...

You know, it's going to take forever to get 100k grinding Convergence. Geeks hardly drop ANY re-sellable loot.

Julia B said...

That's not true! What about those cool 1980's Star Trek calendars I picked up? I'd drop those if you killed me while I was holding them.

Really, I'm *not* the only person on Earth who wants them... right?

And damn you and your making me sorry for my PSP nonsense. I'm leaving mine at the RSPCA overnight. Maybe they can find it a good home.