Saturday, January 12, 2008

Battlestar Galactica (360 Live Arcade)

I should warn you about the 360 Live Arcade Battlestar Galactica game. This thing has taken a beating in the gaming press, and for the most part deservedly so. It goes to all the trouble of letting you get behind the joystick of a Raptor and go hunting some Cylons, and then ruins it all by giving the whole thing a fixed overhead perspective and filling the difficulty bucket all the way to the top.

The developers seem to be aiming for that small niche market known as “casual gamers with godlike twitch reflexes”. If you’ve never encountered this demographic before, feel free to attempt to fire up a multiplayer game of this and go head to head against all three of them. It’s all in the context of Battlestar’s more recent incarnation, of course, and while the original score, art assets, cast, plot, scriptwriting and direction of the new series are all missing in action, at least all those other things you loved about it are intact.


Juffles said...

Hey, just 'cos YOU don't have what it takes to be a pilot... :p

(you, and everyone else on the planet, but that just makes for more drama. Everyone loves an underdog.)

Greg Tannahill said...

Sweet Jeebers, if killing Cylons is this hard then they can just have the damn galaxy. It's a pretty boring badly designed galaxy anyway, apparently.

Julia B said...

And you all said Roslyn was history's greatest monster for wanting to just infect them all with plague and leave them to die terrible, painful deaths.

Take that you bleeding heart wusses! You can curse her lack of common sense while rubbing your sore thumbs.