Thursday, October 09, 2008

Mirror's Edge Theme

Anyone want to hear the theme from upcoming EA/DICE free-running title Mirror's Edge? Here it is: "Still Alive" by Lisa Miskovsky, set to a fan footage compilation. Nothing to do with the similarly titled, and somewhat more awesome, theme from Portal.

Hey - how weird is it that EA are making original intellectual property that I actually want to play?

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SPLastic said...

I always enjoy seeing footage from this game. Dunno how well the music worked during the action sequences, but it felt right in the panning shots.

Until about a minute ago (when I googled DICE) I didn't realise that EA owned DICE, so your last statement didn't quite make sense.
With my newfound knowledge, I can wholeheartedly agree with you - but I am worried that it may suffer the same pitfalls as Assassin's Creed - repetitive gameplay brought on by repetitive game design.