Monday, October 13, 2008

Parasite Eve - Good News / Bad News

Am I the only person in the world that thinks Parasite Eve 2 was an overlooked work of genius? Am I seriously the only Parasite Eve fanboi out there?

Specifically, why did no one mention to me Parasite Eve: The 3rd Birthday is on its way? This is the greatest news ever. We need a commemorative holiday.

This is the series that mixed classic Square-Enix roleplaying with a near future real-world setting and real-time gunplay. This is the series where the bad guys are your mitochondria. That's hard science.

Unfortunately, much like the upcoming Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, 3rd Birthday is for the PSP. So I guess now we all have to wait around until Squeenix sees fit to announce they're porting it to a real system.


Grant said...

I wish developers would stop making games for the PSP, then immediately port them over to the PS2. I understand the business logic behind it, but it's making it very hard for the PSP to get much traction as a viable gaming platform.

GregT said...

Well, I'd say it's more to do with the PSP's hand-unfriendly design, hard-to-use analog nub, poor battery life, committment to the UMD format, unintuitive media centre, reliance on proprietary flash memory formats, poor online support, and unreliable firmware updates aimed at crippling homebrew development.

But yes, the game library is an issue too. Although Squeenix seems pretty committed to fixing that; they've got a list of triple-A PSP titles coming up as long as your arm. And it seems Sony are looking to move away from UMD towards downloadable games, which is another positive step.

Anonymous said...

I LIKE the PSP only titles!

The games DESIGNED for the PSP, not the games that have been squashed, and pried and split and minced to get them to fit into a console with less buttons than was origionaly intended...

Patapon still remains my most favourite game... and my little sister still raves about locoroco, after only 15 mins of exposure to the game. Crush is driving me INSANE! but I still pull it out and beat my head against level 7 once in awhile.
Popolocrois is the only game I've ever finished to date, and I'm giving Puzzlequest a bit of a rest for the moment, becuase the repetativeness of gameplay gets to you after awhile.

None of these games give me any problems with pain in my hands...*
Ratchet & Clank? - Yes!
GTA? - Yes!
Dead Head Fred? - Yes.
Medievil? - Yes.

There are so very many games that have been designed for the DS as a console, that it's hard to find any cross-platform game to discuss with DS owners...

I don't think that Sony is going to see any significant success with the PSP until it plugs some funds into making it a UNIQUE experience... Give us a bloody reason to choose it! At the moment, an iPhone will pretty much do everything that you are offering me with the PSP... except that it actually has the capability to play you-tube clips, AND that song recognition thing is way cool.

So... point of rantie, I guess (sorry) is that chances are the Parasite Eve 3 game is going to suck. And that won't be becuase it was designed for the PSP. It's becuase it's a concept that was born on the PS2, and will have to be mangled to fit in PSPs little square hole.
Don't blame the PSP for this.
It's being forced to wear it's big sister's wardrobe by Sony, and is trying to pull it off the best it can!

*Patapon causes pain to develop in my upper arms, back, shoulders and head only after I'm caught singing to myself by housemates who don't appreciate the chants going around their heads for days on end

Greg Tannahill said...

Squeenix's development record for the PSP is so far strong. By all accounts Crisis Core was a must-buy title. I don't think Parasite Eve 3 will suffer for being a PSP game.

I've had plenty of good times with the PSP - LocoRoco was awesome, so was WipeOut Pure. But they would have been just as awesome on a system that didn't suck.

Grant said...

Maybe it's cause I grew up with NES control pads, but I've never once had a problem with the PSP's physical design, bar the screen being too damn reflective.

Greg Tannahill said...

Possibly you have tiny, tiny little hands which are suffused with an elfin nimbleness rarely seen in this age of iron. That would, I believe, explain it.

In all fairness the PSP ergonomics / controls are perfectly fine for anything that doesn't require the analog nub. It's only the driving games and first/third person shooters that have broken me. Such hand cramps! What kind of god would allow that?

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