Friday, October 03, 2008

Must. Have.

It's official: the Nintendo DSi. My favourite gaming platform just got 100% more awesome.

- larger screens
- two built in 3 megapixel cameras
- SD card slot to store data and transfer between the DSi and the Wii
- built in web browser
- built in image editor
- on board memory
- ability to download games from the Wii Shop and boot from on-board memory
- music playback
- better audio support including the option to adjust pitch
- slimmer profile
- ... but no GBA slot (boo!) although if Nintendo are smart they'll start offering GBA games for download

Available in Japan in less than a month. Westerners unwilling to import get to wait till Spring next year. Announced Japanese pricing translates to around $180 AUD. Sign me up.

EDIT: On the less rosy side, Kotaku suggests the DSi will have a significantly worse battery life. As in, only half as much play before you need to recharge. Not sure what they're basing it on but it's a bit worrying.


Stevie J. said...

Hate to burst the bubble on the specifics, but the cameras are both .3 Megapixel (dunno where you heard 5)

Greg Tannahill said...

Don't know where I got that either. I would have sworn Wonderland or Kotaku but can't find any evidence for that now.

Post corrected.

Scott Leis said...

Your post now says "3 megapixel", but it's actually 0.3 (a res of 640x480), according to a few sites I've checked.
I'm also uncertain about there being two cameras. That seems to be speculation based on pictures of the device, with no confirmation from Nintendo that I've seen so far.

Anonymous said...

Also it will be region locked...

I'm not convinced its worth it tbh, with a cyclo my DS already plays mp3s, shows movies, edits images, browses the internet, is a VOIP phone ect.. and I have a camera already (well 2, currently in my bag right now).

I love how they added the SD slot as if they arent going to do anything to stop homebrew or piracy.. ^^;