Friday, January 23, 2009

Eleven Foot Pole

Hey guys, heads up. I've realised I have a whole heap of things to say about D&D 4th Edition; there's some fascinating design going on in that thing. The level of detail I want to go into is considerably greater than I'd normally subject people to on The Dust Forms Words, so I'm putting that discussion off-site.

So if you don't care about RPG design or D&D 4th Edition, keep reading here and you won't notice a thing.

BUT if you would like to get into the nitty-gritty of what makes 4th Ed tick, I'm doing that on a blog suggestively entitled Eleven Foot Pole ( I make no promises to update or maintain this new project; follow at your own risk.


Zubon said...

I like it. 20 posts so far on one module? Very thorough. I took far less to review the core books at my book blog.

Greg Tannahill said...

I'm just totally astounded by how crap Keep on the Shadowfell is, considering it's the flagship module for 4th Edition. I knew that RPG design was about a decade behind videogame design but I just cannot believe that Wizards of the Coast would let this thing out their door - or that the vast majority of reviews are happy to describe it as "average"!

This is what D20 did to the roleplaying market; people are willing to take stuff like this and call it acceptable because they've never seen what's gone on outside the Wizards of the Coast kitchen.

Anyway, it's a virtual dictionary of what not to do in game design, so I think I can keep mining it for lessons for quite some time yet.

Anonymous said...

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