Sunday, July 23, 2006

I'm Being Pirated!

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Well, THAT was a surprise. I'm apparently being syndicated to some site called "The Australian Index". I've no real problem with that, because they at least link to The Dust Forms Words, but it would have been nice of them to ask. If I was a scary corporate type, I'd call it piracy. Meh. I suppose if I didn't like it I could turn off my Atom/XML feed but then all you LJ people would stop reading me.

Hey, if by chance you're reading me from the Australian Index, leave me a comment, so I can tell if I'm at least getting more coverage out of this.

By the way, I found this while searching for the words "Yassai Mossai" on behalf of Matt over at Internal Collapse. Is anyone able to help him in his search for an MP3 of Yassai Mossai from the Japanese show Kiserazu Cat's Eye? (Matt, that site's syndicating you too, by the way. Just thought you'd want to know.)

UPDATE: They're also pirating Julia at Go Camel and Gillian at Even In A Little Thing, in case either of you are reading. I'm sure the other ACT-ites from my sidebar are even now in their sneaky little crosshairs.

UPDATE 2: They're ALSO syndicating Grant at The Angriest, Tama's E-learning Blog and her Ponderance blog, and Shane at Smoke and Mirrors. I -know- that at least some of those people don't read Dust Forms Words, so if you know them could you pass it on, in case they want to be outraged? Plus there may be other people who I don't recognise the e-handles of.

UPDATE 3: They also specifically linked to my last post in the crusade against the OFLC (join us, we have a uniform!*). So whoever runs the Index is actually reading the blog. I'm not sure whether that makes me feel better about the whole thing or not.

* NOTE: We don't actually have a uniform - but that would be cool; someone should design one.


Simon said...

Well, thanks to this, I discovered that I'm being "pirated" too. Hmmm.

Julia B said...

That actually kinda worries me. It's this weird balance between wanting my blog to be the most popular, and not wanting anyone to be able to find it.

Maybe it needs a password...

GregT said...

Well, if you're not syndicating to LJ like I am, Julia, you can fix it by going into your blog settings and disabling the Atom/XML feed. The downside is that if you have any hidden fans who read you on feed aggregators you'll lose them.

Phrancq said...

I'd be annoyed and all, but I figure anyone who reads my blog is already being punished.

Lesley said...

That has got to be a little freaky for you. As per normal manners you think they would ask you first!

But no, only because that they might think that you won't find out.

How wrong they are.

David Cake said...

I was going to say at the time something along the lines of 'your all doofuses, your being aggregated not pirated, thats what syndication is all about'. It looks, obviously to me, a reasonable service for people interested in Australian bloggers, and given it contains all attributions etc not threatening in the least. Certainly no more threatening than being LJ syndicated. Syndicate or not as you wish, but don't complain if you syndicate and people actually use it.

I got reminded of this post because I found a link to some information about a similar service here