Wednesday, April 23, 2008

PlayStation 3: Still Not A Good Buy

Look at you. You disgust me.

Remember back at the PlayStation 3 launch, when I was carefully explaining to you how costing twice as much didn't mean it was twice as good?

You were on board with me then. You were cool and rational and you could see that the fact that it was shiny and black didn't necessarily mean that there were magical wish-genies packed under its overpriced undersupported hood.

But now you're all, "Oh, Greg, but it's a Blu-Ray player!" and "Oh, Greg, but there's some game possibly maybe coming out as a hypothetical exclusive!" and you're talking yourself into buying one of the smarmy little consoles from the Fail Planet. You sicken me.

People! It wasn't a good deal at launch. The fact it now has a low adopt rate, relatively poor game support, no significant online content and no backwards compatibility does not make it more attractive.

The fact you think of yourself as "a PlayStation kind of person" just means that you had the common sense to back the winner in the last two generations of consoles. Stay on a roll; fight gaming evil. Shun the PS3 like a hawaiian-shirt-wearing-leper and if one tries to enter your house strike it repeatedly with a baseball bat until it bleeds and cries for mercy. It's the only humane thing to do.


Josh said...

I'll probably be getting one in a few months - but the oddity there is that it will be an eBay purchase to get the 60GB model so that I can retain some BC.

Sony does like five hardware revisions and if anything makes their hardware less desirable to me.

Microsoft does like one which does very little to solve the problems of overheating and reliability.

Nintendo just quietly got it right the first time.

Greg Tannahill said...

I dream of a magical world in which a console exists which combines Nintendo's hardware reliability and innovation with Microsoft's extensive game library and first-class online implementation.

*happy speculative face*

Jason O said...

I'd buy it as a Blu-Ray player, but since I don't have a High Def set yet, there is no point.

Maybe if they released some more games for the system. That's a real problem now because I already have a 360 for the 3rd party stuff and apparently the Blu-Ray format has trouble with some of the game running slow!


Greg Tannahill said...

I have to say I'm still not sold on Blu-Ray either. Just because it's beaten out HD-DVD, I still don't know exactly why I need to convert up from DVD. The majority of my current collection weren't filmed on hi-def in the first place so unless work is done on the master print they're not going to look much better just because they're on a nicer medium.