Sunday, April 13, 2008

Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People

Those talented people at Telltale Games have apparently decided that frolicking in the small bathtubs of cash that their Sam & Max games have made them is not enough, and they need to give the community a little something back. That "something" is a new game, and you'll need to pay money for it.

The game in question is Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People ("but you can play too!"), and it seems to be a point-n-clicky sort of thing which will be delivered in "five adventure-packed action-sodes", starting June 2008. If the trailer's any indication (and the FAQ says it is), it looks like it'll feature writing and voicework by the Homestar Runner crew.

I'm told there's PC versions coming, but what's interesting is that the main delivery platform for the game is going to be Wiiware - the episodes will be 100% downloadable through your Nintendo Wii, and playable with the Wiimote. That's five kinds of awesome.


Julia B said...

Please name all five types.

Lel said...

So Greg, does this mean that it will be available through the Wiiware/Virtual Console and will not be released as a game you can just buy off the shelves of [insert generic super store name here] for some overly high price?

And just for the Wii at the moment? From what I have heard, the Wii doesn't have many good single player games attached to its name. By the sounds of it, 'Strong Bad's Game...' is going to be a solo romp in the forest.

Seems like a good idea though.

Greg Tannahill said...

Julia - frikkin' awesome, very awesome, damn awesome, sweet jeebers that's awesome, and strawberry.

Lel - As I understand it, it will be download only at this stage, though I wouldn't be surprised to see a budget disc release once all five actionsodes are out. That goes for both PC and Wii versions (yes, there'll be a PC version, but Telltale are strongly suggesting that if you have a choice the Wii version will be the one to pick).

Single player Wii games - I recommend Eledees, Mario Galaxy, Super Paper Mario, Zack and Wiki, and No More Heroes.