Monday, April 07, 2008

Sam & Max Coming To The Wii

I've spent so much time pimping the new Sam & Max games at friends recently that I just don't have the mental energy left to develop an extended pimp-themed analogy. In short, they're rather good.

So all you sad sods who can't be bothered to download the damn things for your PC will be happy to hear that it's coming to the Nintendo Wii. Which is a console so ideally suited to puzzle-based point and click antics that it's a shame so few of the blighters have surfaced for it to date.


Corvus said...

As someone who's decided to not buy PC games that don't run under Linux, I'm quite pleased to get the opportunity to play them at last.

Now, I want Bone on the Wii too, dammit!

GregT said...

No you don't. Bone was awful. I mean awful. I think it was their warm-up for doing games that were actually good.