Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A Very Quiet Nerdgasm

It's like all my geeky Xmases have come at once. Or, like, maybe, two or three of them. I should save some Xmases for later, probably.

For example, Doctor Who: Season Four (or *sigh* Thirty) is out, and it's reasonably entertaining, even if Russell T Davies has managed to design yet another monster based on bodily contents and fart sounds. Spoilers under this link.

Also, Buffy is apparently sleeping with women now. Or a woman. The good news is it's not Kennedy, and the bad news is it's not Willow. Predictable fan uproar is already well underway. It's hilarious that if you type "Buffy" and "Satsu" into the Google toolbar it will predict you might also want the word "bed".

Author Stephen King has stepped into the videogame politics ring and started punching. He's blasted Massachusetts legislation which would criminalise purchases of games by minors. Is this a prelude to a raft of King-related survival horror? I can only hope!

And much-derided games-to-films director Uwe Boll has promised to hang up his saucy directing beret if presented with a one-million-signature petition. Attention whore that he is, he's probably just trying to get us to go see his latest film Postal. PS - DO NOT SEE HIS LATEST FILM POSTAL.

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