Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Freebird on Expert

To disguise my complete lack of content over the last few days, I present to you the following video of some guy's 4-star run on Guitar Hero 2's "Freebird" (as made famous by Lynyrd Skynyrd), on Expert difficulty.

If you're not familiar with the track, stick with it, and watch what happens after the final lyric "and this bird you cannot change". It makes my fingers bleed just watching. Some believe that this may just be the hardest 9 minutes and 41 seconds of gaming ever created.

They'd be wrong of course, because they've clearly never seen this. Played, er, three and a bit times.


Sim said...

Well I was all proud at getting 5 stars on it on Medium...
Now I feel hoplessly lame!
And... I still can't get through Mother on Hard...
Thus me going back to meduim and perfecting scores.
I'm definatly better than I was the last time I attempted hard setting... but still not good enough.
I can now understand your frustration...
I just wish that these earlier songs were just that little but less populated by notes. I'm coping with the oranges (more or less) - that comes down to fingering, or has done so far... but the bridge and following guitar solo in Mother has me beat.

GregT said...

Try using the slow-down mode to just get that bit. It's a matter of teaching your fingers to do the right movements. I quite like Mother on hard mode, as opposed to some of the other songs which just feel like the developers fucking with me.

Juffles said...

Heh...some of that fingerwork at the end (particularly the 2nd-3rd-4th-3rd runs) are way beyond my poor abused FPS-weenie fingers. My pinky keeps wanting to get involved for some reason.

Showed the first clip to cricketk last night, and I think we might have a convert... :)

GregT said...

Awesome. Changing the world, one totally plagiarised Youtube video at a time.

This really does seem to be one of those games that turns non-gamers into gamers, or PC gamers into console gamers, or normal people into geeks with plastic guitars. I love it to bits.

Anonymous said...

Hi Greg,

Thanks so much for posting this (and inspiring Juffles to pimp at me). I went out and tried a demo during lunch today and really had a ball (I was also totally crap, but oh well). Now I'm in a quandary - to get a PS2 or not to get a PS2?

Who knew games could be so much fun?

cricketk on LJ.

GregT said...

Thanks CricketK! Check out this post too, in which you are quoted.

Sim said...

JB HiFi has Playstations on sale for $186.
They also have Guitar Hero 2 on sale for $117. (everywhere else was around $140)
AND I payed cash and got a 50% discount on my memory card too!
Sales drone was really amused that I was buying the console for GH2, and only GH2... poor dear tried to sell me an extra controller with some special thingamie innit...*shrugs*

Anonymous said...

I <3 guitar hero!! We don't have one at our house so I haven't had a chance to play much though. Whenever I hear guitar heavy songs now I think of playing them as a riff in game. It's messed with my head! ^__^

My housemate owns a bunch of PS2 games, but her sister owns the PS2 console so we don't have it at our house. We are going to joint buy a PS2, so we can steal all of her sisters games, and then we can buy GH1 and GH2 and have 2 guitars as well! *HURRAH*


GregT said...

Hi Wuffie! You know, PS2s are getting so cheap they're coming awfully close to being within the range of a "house Xmas present". Don't tempt me to continue my long tradition of buying people consoles.

In any case I'll catch up with you over Xmas/New Years. You need to SMS me while drunk more often.