Wednesday, November 22, 2006

PSOne Games for PSP require PS3

That's a lot of uses of "PS" in the post-title. Huh.

Anyway, some time ago Sony promised us we'd be able to download and play original Playstation games on the PSP. The word is now in that (as I feared) the games can't be downloaded direct to the PSP - you have to obtain them through the Playstation 3 online service.

That's right, you have to own a Playstation 3 AND a PSP to download and play the games. Oh, and they could cost anywhere from $10 AUD to $30 AUD, depending on how much Sony feels like ripping us off. Plus, if you don't already have a memory stick for the PSP that holds at least 600 meg, you'll need to get one of those too.

If I wasn't enjoying the PSP port of Tales of Eternia so much right now I'd be tempted to call it a useless piece-of-#$!& doorstop. Dagnabbit.

Full story here via Gamespot.


Grant said...

This is so ridiculously stupid, and typical of Sony.

GregT said...

I'm going to stop reporting "Sony fucks up" news, and instead start reporting "Sony does something right" news, if and when such a story ever eventuates.

My current theory is that they fired everyone from their games division who'd ever played a game or used a PlayStation, and then went recruiting in retirement homes, insane asylums, and their own marketing department. It's really the only explanation that makes sense.