Friday, November 17, 2006

World of Warcraft CCG

For those who were remotely curious about the World of Warcraft collectible card game, here's the rundown:

1) It's pretty much just Upper Deck's putrid Versus system wrapped up in a new box. That is to say, Magic: The Gathering with none of the charm and frenetic pace.

2) The "loot cards" that you get in each pack are each redeemable for 100 loot points. Loot points can be spent to get "a range of items". In practice this translates to (a) desktop wallpaper, (b) screensavers, (c) sleeves for your card deck, (d) tabards for your WoW character, and (e) a trinket that lets your WoW character turn into an ogre at will. Tabards cost 2,000 points (20 booster packs of the CCG). The ogre trinket costs 25,000 points (250 booster packs). So, in short, don't get excited about the loot

3) The one cool thing about the game is the multiplayer. They're releasing "raid decks" soon, where basically (as I understand it) one player runs this overpowered pre-made raid deck, and a bunch of other players team up to take them down. Sounds interesting, but not worth buying into the game for.

Short review: the World of Warcraft card game isn't worth your time, even if you're a WoW fan. Avoid as though it were made of zombies.


5tein said...

I recognize that this is essentially the Vs system (and I agree that Vs system ain't so hot), but WoW offers an additional layer of complexity which will appeal to a different group of players (like LOTRTCG players), and by focusing on the very interesting character system I find WoW to be far more attractive than either Vs or Magic. Magic _said_ that you controlled a character, but WoW will actually let you do so. So WoW will probably attract a lot of Magic players who want something new, a lot of Vs players who are sick of tits in tights, and all the poor LotR players who have been rammed by Decipher one time too many.

GregT said...

Agreed in that the WoW formulation is better than the Versus system. It certainly plays a lot better than my brief experience with Marvel Versus.

Also agreed that every Decipher CCG I have played was rubbish. (The Star Wars CCG... shudder...)

Neverthless, it's still lazy game design. I can't believe that with all the budget behind this game (they got Todd McFarlane to do art!) they still couldn't be stuffed to make something different and original.

WOW Gold said...

Yeah I agree, I don't a lot of WOW online gaming players will like the card game just because it has warcraft on the title. I think it will appeal more to DnD players.

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