Sunday, January 13, 2008

Tokyo Game Show 2008?

Does anyone know of firm dates for the 2008 Tokyo Game Show? “Second week in October” just isn’t good enough to plan an international trip around.

Some acquaintances and I are thinking of possibly maybe going, providing that the dollar signs are in alignment. 2006 TGS was a blast and the only thing that could make that sweaty melange of gaming magic more entertaining is sharing it with friends. Plus that sort of thing gets cheaper when you have people to split accommodation costs with. If I can get a lock on a specific calendar window I’ll try and post some prices up here in case you want to join our oriental electrosafari.

I’ll likely do the same thing I did last time I went, which is to say totally scam my way into the business day and avoid the horrible tourist crowds. Also, in case anyone asks, this is a professional game news site, I’m an accredited journalist, and my requirement for free samples and press kits in order to properly prosecute my Pullitzer-winning brand of hard-hitting prose is so powerful as to have inspired no less than three strikingly emotional human interest documentaries. Try practicing that sentence a few times right now; it’ll make it easier to say with a straight face later.


Unknown said...

9th to the 12th :-)

Greg Tannahill said...

When Julia and Wikipedia combine powers, they apparently form Captain Planet. Thanks heaps, Jules.