Monday, October 30, 2006

Good Movie Thursday

I'm resurrecting Bad Movie Thursday, which is to say I'm seeing a movie every Thursday for the next few weeks, and other people can come along or not. The catch is, there's actually some quality cinema hitting Australian screens over the next month, so I guess that makes it Good Movie Thursday, which doesn't quite have the same ring to it. The schedule is as follows:

2 November: Children of Men
Directed by Alfonso Cuaron, well known for creating a selection of successful arthouse movies, and also the good Harry Potter film (Prisoner of Azkaban). In the future, women can't have babies, and the world is doomed, until a woman has a baby anyway. The clever, I understand, is in the execution more than the concept.
9 November: The Wrong Man
A.K.A Lucky Number Slevin in the US, this crime film tries to cast itself into the subgenre created by films such as Lock Stock and Snatch, hopefully with more success than the truly awful Crank. Josh Hartnett, Lucy Liu, Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman star.
16 November: The Prestige
Vaudeville era stage magic forms the background to a suspenseful-looking film from Christopher Nolan, director of Memento and Batman Begins. Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Hugh Jackman and David Bowie star. Also Scarlett Johansson, but don't hold that agains the film.
23 November: The Descent
Girls in a cave, with evil, wahey. Horrortastic.
30 November: A Scanner Darkly
FINALLY! Australia gets to see Richard Linklater's rotoscoped adaptation of Phillip K Dick's semi-autobiographical near-future drug odyssey.

Cheap tickets will be the go: $11 if we get a small group, and maybe less if there's a lot of interest. All movies seen at Belconnen Hoyts.

Also, while I realise the above is a fairly heavy slate of movies, I'm also up for seeing The Grudge 2 (showing now) if anyone is interested.

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