Saturday, October 28, 2006

Metal Gear Diamond

If you've come here from a search - it's not a new Metal Gear game. Go home.

What it is is a tabletop RPG I'm running Monday for a couple of friends. Inspired largely by the crapness of Metal Gear Acid and its sequel, and by how much they missed the point of what made Metal Gear good, I've put together a non-continuity Metal Gear plot to run over maybe a couple of sessions.

We're using a modified version of the 7th Sea system, largely chosen because of how well it handles boss-level fights. The game's set in the Carribean, and will feature:
* a new Metal Gear
* a cadre of eccentrically-named mercenary villans
* political and scientific themes "ripped from today's headlines"
* buckets of detailed information available to players via Codec
* authentic native flora, fauna, and regional history
* a well-characterised and diverse specialist support team
* a fight against a big frikkin' aircraft
* a score by Harry Gregson-Williams (thanks to the PS2 original game soundtracks)
* Solid Snake

Is anyone reading interested in hearing how this does or does not work? It's the first time that I've tried an RPG in a non-RPG world and felt like it might actually be justified.


Jey said...

How'd your experimental gaming go?

GregT said...

Session 1 = Big success. Solid Snake and his unlikely offsider have penetrated the island of Guerto del Punta, rescued and subsequently lost track of tourist facility director Hannah Thorne, heard word of a new Metal Gear, and taken down their first mercenary opponent, the dog-throwing rifle-toting strongman Steel Cerberus.

Jey said...

I have no idea what any of that means but, hooray!