Saturday, October 21, 2006


[Now Experiencing] [Computer Gaming]

On the topic of "things the whole world already knows about except me", I present .kkrieger, a procedurally generated first person shooter. The graphics and gameplay are at about the level of (and in some cases are nearly indistinguishable from) the early Quake games. I'm talking large level layouts, detailed texturing, fully 3D enemy models, the works.

The total file size of the game is 96k.

Which is to say, if you take a screenshot of the game while playing it, the image file of the screenshot will be larger than the game.

It's all done through the magic of procedurally generated content. The graphics are stored not as image data, but as algorithms that produce image data.

Check it out - The Dust Forms Words commands you!


Jey said...

I showed this post to Andy as I though he may be interested. He was and proceeded to download the game. Just thought I'd let you know.

The chaos that is my life shall be over by the end of the week, the chaos, that is, not my life (I hope).

I hope all is well is Greg land.

GregT said...

Yes. All is muchly well.