Thursday, October 12, 2006

Square-Enix Goodies

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While I was talking about Square-Enix stuff anyway, I thought I'd show off the awesome Dragon Quest keychains I picked up while I was in Japan. Check it out: The Last Key and the Thief's Key.

They're each about 6 centimetres long and are reasonably robust. Mary got the Last Key as a gift for looking after the house while I was away; I kept the Thief's Key and it's currently the keyring for the spare set of house keys. Squeenix also does the Magic Key but it wasn't in stock while I was there.

In the process of digging up photos of these from the net, I happened to discover that they ALSO do stuffed Final Fantasy monsters. I absolutely MUST have this Cactuar.

There's also stuffed Tonberries and Mogs. They all go for about 2,000 yen ($25 AUD), so people who want to get me Decemberween presents, take note.


Phrancq said...

Could you put up the link to where you found this?

GregT said...

Oh yeah. All your gaming and hentai needs, together at last.

Go nuts.